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Engineering Calculation Download link

Engineering Calculations

(Electrical+ Civil+ Structural+ Architectural+ Mechanical + Building Services+ Chemical+ Environmental)


Section 1-Civil Engineering  (PDFFile Page 7)

Section 2-Architestural Engineering (PDF File Page 188)

Section 3-Mechanical Engineering (PDF File Page 307)

Section 4-Electrical Engineering (PDF File Page 885)

Section 5-Chemical Process & Plant Engineering (PDF File Page 974)

Section 6- Water & Waste Water Engineering (PDF File Page 1041)

Section 7-Environmental Engineering (PDF File Page 1078)

The calculations are prepared by Professional Engineers in USA & they cover not only academic aspects but also practical application design problems

1.pdf (18.88MB)

This contains Electrical/Mechanical/Civil/ Structural/Environment/Architectural/Chemical Engineering problems at Engineering Fundamental & the problems are used by various PE boards. It is easier for the examiners to set the questions as well as they can well be referred by lecturers in their teaching

2.Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets

2.pdf (26.28MB)

This contains Building Service/ Air Con heat flow problems

3.Electrical Engineering formulae & tables


3.pdf (10.5MB)

4.Mathematics-The Civil Engineering Handbook


4.pdf (3.87MB)



5.pdf (4.41MB)




6.pdf (262.83MB)

This contains all Mechanical Engineering Calculations

7.Newnes Electrical Power Engineer Handbook


7.pdf (6.99MB)



8.pdf (18.5MB)



Engineering Fundamental FE Exam Supplied Handbook.pdf



You can download them from the above links.

As the candidates who will sit the PE Examinations are from various Technological Universities and there have been very unequality in teaching and lessons.

Access & Equality is the important issue in education, the candidates and the Technological University lecturers all over Myanmar should be given with the equal level of the resources.

The websites, and are designed for providing equality of the engineering knowledge to the candidates all over Myanmar as any candidate can download the resources.