Fundamental of Engineering Overseas Test System General Information

Fundamental of Engineering Study Areas (Reference to Professional Engineers Board of Singapore)

Fundamental of Engineering Study Resources

(Reference to Professional Engineers Board of Singapore) (Civil)



Marine Engineers & Naval Architect Professional Engineers Test References

Engineering Calculations

(Electrical+ Civil+ Structural+ Architectural+ Mechanical + Building Services+ Chemical+ Environmental)

Chemical Engineers Reference

Petroleum Engineers Reference

Materials, Metallurgy & Mining Engineers Reference

Part 1

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Fundamental of Engineering Overseas Test System General Information


sefguide_01_01.pdf (1.23MB)

Using Engineering Economics to Pass the FE Exam.ppt (0.07MB)

Engineering Fundamental

public_fe_reference_handbook.pdf (4.4MB)

PS-Ref-Web.v3.pdf (4.21MB)

Presentation1.pdf (0.66MB)

mathematics_probablity_review_notes.pdf (1.37MB)

PE_SPEC_Exam.pdf (0.04MB)

introduction-to-matlab.pdf (0.31MB)

HOW-TO-PASS.doc (0.05MB)

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FE-Ref-9.0_Web.v2.pdf (11.67MB)

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.pdf (0.41MB)

Fundamental of Engineering .doc (0.27MB)

Surveyor Exam

fs_references_1013.pdf (1.56MB)

Fundamental of Engineering Fluid Mechanics

FE-Fluids_Spring2011-Imprimir-Super.pdf (8.66MB)

fe_reference_handbook.pdf (6.29MB)

FE-Exam-Info-Handout.doc (0.04MB)

Singapore PE Exam Information

FEE2014.pdf (2.01MB)

Engineering Fundamental FE Exam Supplied Handbook.pdf (4.58MB)

FE_Exam.pdf (0.82MB)

FE.pdf (0.21MB)

Engineering Fundamental Examination Reference Website.doc (0.02MB)

col10040.pdf (2.49MB)

Engineering Calculation Download link.doc (0.03MB)

ElevenLessons_Design_Council (2).pdf (2.45MB)

Dynamics.pdf (0.22MB)

Computer Engineering Syllabus

COE200_syllabus.pdf (0.08MB)

Introduction to the Mathematical Theory of Systems and Control

book.pdf (2.87MB)

ce_466_-_introduction.pdf (0.13MB)

April2013FE_Exam_Guide.pdf (1.08MB)

12200_2006.pdf (9.16MB)

261839.pdf (0.08MB)

12200_first edition revision 1.pdf (1.02MB)

2011_NCEES_FE_Reference_Handbook.pdf (7.54MB)

96-37768.pdf (8.18MB)

2006_RM_Guide__4_Aug_06Final.doc (0.45MB)

200_questions_answers.pdf (0.55MB)

01_fe_presentation_2010.pdf (3.04MB)

Part 2

Fundamental of Engineering Study Areas (Reference to Professional Engineers Board of Singapore)

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Fundamental of Engineering-Civil (FEC)

FEC 101 ( CE 101)  Mechanics of Materials)

FEC 102 ( CE 102  Structural Mechanics)

FEC 103 ( CE 103  Structural Analysis)

FEC 104 ( CE 104  Soil Mechanics)

FEC 105 ( CE 105  Fluid Mechanics)

FEC 201 (CE 201  Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Structures )

FEC 202 ( CE 202  Steel and Composite Structures)

FEC 203 ( CE 203  Geotechnical Engineering )

FEC 204 ( CE 204  Transportation )

FEC 205 ( CE 205  Hydraulics and Hydrology)

FEC 206 ( CE 206  Environmental Engineering )

See FEE2014

FEE2014.pdf (2.01MB)


Fundamental of Engineering-Electrical (FEE)

FEE 101 (EE 101 Principles of Power Engineering)

FEE 201 (EE 201 Power System Analysis and Utilization)

See FEE2014

FEE2014.pdf (2.01MB)

Fundamental of Engineering-Mechanical (FEM)

FEM 101 ( ME 101  Control and Instrumentations)

FEM 102 ( ME 102  Dynamics and Vibrations)

FEM 103 (  ME 103  Fluid Mechanics)

FEM 104 (  ME 104  Mechanics and Materials)

FEM 105 (  ME 105  Manufacturing Technology)

FEM 106 (  ME 106  Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer)

FEM 201 ( ME 201  Control and Instrumentations)

FEM 202 (  ME 202  Dynamics and Vibrations)

FEM 203 (  ME 203  Fluid Mechanics)

FEM 204 (  ME 204  Mechanics and Materials)

FEM 205 (  ME 205  Manufacturing Technology)

FEM 206 ( ME 206  Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer)

See FEE2014

FEE2014.pdf (2.01MB)



Part 3

Fundamental of Engineering Study Resources

(Reference to Professional Engineers Board of Singapore)

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Fundamental of Engineering-Civil (FEC)

upt39_an-introduction-to-transportation-engineering.pdf (0.03MB)

finnemore-franzini_15cl2.pdf (0.02MB)

CE206-watpolcontrol.pdf (4MB)

ceg_wang_20060524.pdf (3.16MB)

CE206-water-supply-and-pollution-control_1n5gvp.pdf (0.03MB)

CE206-water-supply-and-pollution-control_vnu8w.pdf (0.03MB)

CE206-Water Resource Engineering.pdf (0.95MB)

CE206-Water Pollution Control.pdf (4MB)

CE206-handbook-of-water-engineering-problems.pdf (3.62MB)

CE204-Transport Planning & Traffic Engineering.pdf (35.28MB)

CE205-The_science_of_water_concepts_and_applications.pdf (5.91MB)

CE205-Textbook on Hydrology.pdf (7.97MB)

CE205-HYDROLOGY.pdf (14.53MB)

CE205-fluid-mechanics-with-engineering-applications-mcgraw-hill-series-in-civi_1n7t2c.pdf (0.03MB)

CE204-transportation-engineering-an-introduction-2nd-edition-_1t9ol.pdf (0.03MB)

CE204-Transportation engineering Lecture 2.pdf (1.96MB)

CE204-Transportation Engg Lecture.pdf (1.87MB)

CE204-Transportation Engg -congestionchapter.pdf (0.24MB)

CE204-Transportation Engg 3.pdf (1.87MB)

CE204-Transportation Engg 2.pdf (0.77MB)

CE204-Transportation Engg 1.pdf (0.06MB)

CE204-Traffic_Engineering.pdf (0.97MB)

CE202-U585552.pdf (22.3MB)

CE204-Lec-1.pdf (0.06MB)

CE204-Fundamentals_of_Transportation.pdf (4.51MB)

CE203-soils-and-foundations-6th-edition-_14ddo.pdf (0.02MB)

CE203-Foundation Design & Construction.pdf (3.68MB)

CE203-Basics of Foundation Design Fellenius.pdf (6.89MB)

CE105-Fluid_Mechanics_With_Engineering_Applications.pdf (27.22MB)

CE202-Composite Structures of Steel and Conconcrete.pdf (1.36MB)

CE201-Rreinforced Concrete.pdf (8.27MB)

CE201-reinforced-and-prestressed-concrete-third-edition_2e7xz9.pdf (0.03MB)

CE201-Reinforced_Concrete_Deep_Beams_-Prof.F.K.Kong.pdf (6.85MB)

CE101-Materials Science and Engineering.pdf (30.54MB)

CE104-Soil Mechanic Solution Manual.pdf (2.42MB)

CE104-Soil & Rock Mechanic.pdf (10.97MB)

CE103-tructural Steelwork-Design To Limit State Theory - Dennis Lam, Thien-Cheong Ang , Sing-Ping Chiew .pdf (2.72MB),_Thien-Cheong_Ang_,_Sing-Ping_Chiew_.pdf

CE103-structural-steelwork-design-to-limit-state-theory_2d1xo.pdf (0.03MB)

CE102-fundamentals-of-structural-analysis_1kma3l.pdf (0.03MB)

BST22316.pdf (0.2MB)

Fundamental of Engineering-Electrical (FEE)

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EE 502 Electrical Machines Drive and Power System.pdf (86.17MB)

1_-_Principles_of_Electrical_Machines_and_Power_Electronics_P_C_Sen.pdf (21.69MB)

C1_[Solutions Manual] Electric Machinery 6Ed Fitzgerald, Kingsley, Uman - C2.pdf (0.84MB)[Solutions_Manual]_Electric_Machinery_6Ed_Fitzgerald,_Kingsley,_Uman_-_C2.pdf

Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals 2.pdf (4.47MB)

Electric Machinery and Power System Fundamentals.pdf (3.19MB)

Electrical Machine textbook4.pdf (40.53MB)

Electrical machine and transformer.pdf (21.04MB)

Power Electronics and Motor Drives.pdf (36.97MB)

electric-machinery-amp-transformers-_eg5w8.pdf (0.03MB)

electric-machinery-and-transformers-3rd-ed-_1w05ga.pdf (0.03MB)

electric-machinery-and-transformers-solution-manual.pdf (0.03MB)

electric-machinery-and-transformers-the-oxford-series-in-electrical-and-_a6jpi.pdf (0.03MB)

Power Electronic Control in Electrical Systems.pdf (6.97MB)

Power Electronics and Motor Drives A.pdf (12.49MB)

principles-of-electric-machines-solution-manual.pdf (3.92MB)

principles-of-electric-machines-and-power-electronics-second-edition-_1i25hs.pdf (0.03MB)


No password is set (1).pdf (4.04MB) (4.04MB)

Electric Distribution Systems.pdf (5.29MB)

Electric Power Distribution.pdf (0.37MB)

c4ca4Electrical_Installation_Practice__Stokes.pdf (4.2MB)

Dist Generators.pdf (0.36MB)


Design & Analysis of Power Distribution Networks.pdf (5.95MB)

Circutor Distribution of Electric Energy.pdf (2.79MB)

Best Practices in Electrical Safety by Er. Edward Low Kah Loong.pdf (2.34MB)

Bergen,+Arthur+&+Vittal,+Vijay+-+Power+Systems+Analysis+(2nd+ed)+[2000] (1).pdf (22.09MB),+Arthur+&+Vittal,+Vijay+-+Power+Systems+Analysis+(2nd+ed)+[2000]_(1).pdf

Bergen,+Arthur+&+Vittal,+Vijay+-+Power+Systems+Analysis+(2nd+ed)+[2000].pdf (22.09MB),+Arthur+&+Vittal,+Vijay+-+Power+Systems+Analysis+(2nd+ed)+[2000].pdf

60892.pdf (16.86MB)

Advances_in_high_voltage_engineering-Haddad_Warne.pdf (4.19MB)

ABB_11_E_07_druck.pdf (0.71MB)

26167_TeamWorrk3-4.ppt (1.41MB)

07-616-product-standards-guidance-notes-electrical-equipment.pdf (0.21MB) (0.05MB)


Product Standard Guide Electrical Equipments

A New CMOS Ternary Logic Design for Low-power Low-voltage Circuits


Fundamental of Engineering-Mechanical (FEM)

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Sensors.pdf (5.61MB)

Sensors for Mechatronics.pdf (7.94MB)

Linear Systems.pdf (3.35MB)

Linear System Analysis.pdf (8.98MB)

Measurement Instrumrentation Sensor Hand Book.pdf (21.81MB)

Linear Mech Syst Dynamics.pdf (8.54MB)

Linear Feedback Control.pdf (4.65MB)

Linear Control Theory.pdf (3.12MB)

Frequency Domain Criteria for Absolute Stability.pdf (3.02MB)

Digital Principles.pdf (4.56MB)

Digital Filters.pdf (5.63MB)

Analog Filters.pdf (14.85MB)







ENMAT101A Engg Mat Processes.pdf (25.74MB)

Metal_Machining.pdf (2.84MB)

Materials for Engineering.pdf (3.45MB)

Hazardous_Chemicals_Handbook_2E.pdf (2.41MB)

Carbon_Materials_for_Advanced_Technologies.pdf (14.05MB)

27767685-Materials-Engineers-Technicians.pdf (25.66MB)

Mechanics of Materials

strength of materials.pdf (31.18MB)

123974244-strength-of-material-by-r-k-bansal.pdf (23.88MB)

ME 101 applied-mathematics-by-example-theory.pdf (4.17MB)

59446893-A-Textbook-of-Engineering-Mechanics-by-R-K-Bansal.pdf (8.72MB)



Welding Handbook.pdf (24.05MB)

Micromanufacturing.pdf (6.39MB)

Metallurgy of Welding.pdf (19.22MB)

Metal Cutting.pdf (34.35MB)

Metallic Materials.pdf (3.03MB)

Metal Forming Practice.pdf (13.1MB)

Metal casting.pdf (9.51MB)

Mechanical Measurements.pdf (4.27MB)

Mechanical alloying.pdf (6.15MB)

Materials Selection in Mechanical Design.pdf (22.83MB)

Mech Properties of Polymers & Composites.pdf (2.82MB)

Mech Alloying.pdf (4.87MB)

Manufacturing & Management.pdf (11.88MB)

Materials & Mechanical Design.pdf (11.63MB)

Machining Reference.pdf (5.69MB)

Machining Dynamics.pdf (11.73MB)

Machinery Handbook.pdf (1.94MB)



Thermal System Engineering.pdf (14.57MB)

Thermal Engineering.pdf (9.69MB)

Heat transfer Problems.pdf (11.39MB)

Heat Exchanger design.pdf (7.83MB)



Marine Engineers & Naval Architect Professional Engineers Test References

Naval Architect Guidelines

Licensure  Introduction

 Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering PE Examinations

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Exam Specifications

Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering PE Examinations Reference Books


Engineering Calculations

(Electrical+ Civil+ Structural+ Architectural+ Mechanical + Building Services+ Chemical+ Environmental)

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1.pdf (18.88MB)

2.Building Services Engineering Spreadsheets

2.pdf (26.28MB)

3.Electrical Engineering formulae & tables

3.pdf (10.5MB)

4.Mathematics-The Civil Engineering Handbook

4.pdf (3.87MB)


5.pdf (4.41MB)



6.pdf (262.83MB)

7.Newnes Electrical Power Engineer Handbook

7.pdf (6.99MB)



8.pdf (18.5MB)

Chemical Engineers Reference

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Instrument-Engineers-Handbook-Fourth-Edition-Volume-One-Process-Measurement-and-Analysis.pdf (18.87MB)

Polymer Science and Engineering.pdf (6.01MB)

Rosaler Robert C. Standard handbook of plant engineering.pdf (15.56MB)

Chemical Engineering-.pdf (2.43MB)

Plant_Engineering_Handbook.pdf (15.13MB)

Desalination Engineering.pdf (14.27MB)

Instrument-Engineers-Handbook-Fourth-Edition-Volume-One-Process-Measurement-and-Analysis (2).pdf (18.87MB)

Materials Chemistry.pdf (23.51MB)

Production of Biofuels and Chemicals with Ionic Liquids.pdf (4.76MB)

Fuel Cells, Engines and Hydrogen.pdf (1.74MB),_Engines_and_Hydrogen.pdf

Practical-Instrumentation-for-Automation-and-Process-Control.pdf (6.91MB)

Process Systems Analysis and Control--.pdf (5.05MB)

Handbook of Biofuels Production.pdf (65.07MB)

Chemical Thermodynamics.pdf (2.08MB)

Mass Transfer.pdf (2.38MB)

Intro_Predictive_Maintenance_2E.pdf (3MB)

Plastic Conversion Processes.pdf (1.75MB)

Plastics.pdf (11.96MB)

Concepts in Polymer Thermodynamics (2).pdf (2.78MB)

Chemical Engineering.pdf (3.03MB)

Thermodynamics of Materials.pdf (2.93MB)

Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants.pdf (4.19MB)

Chemical Engineering Design.pdf (23.26MB)

New Materials, Processes, and Methods Technology.pdf (26.65MB),_Processes,_and_Methods_Technology.pdf

Process Systems Analysis and Control.pdf (5.05MB)

Concepts in Polymer Thermodynamics.pdf (2.78MB)

Chemical Vapour Deposition.pdf (17.68MB)

Engineering Viscoelasticity.pdf (4.2MB)

Structural Plasticity.pdf (9.41MB)

Ceramic Materials for Energy Applications.pdf (8.46MB)

Polyester.pdf (19.3MB)

Petroleum Engineers Reference

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Gas & Oil Reliability Engineering

Gas Installation Technology

Handbook for Process & Plant Engineers

Handbook for Petroleum Refining Process

Instrumentation –Process Measurement & Analysis

Instrument Engineer Handbook

Predective Maintenance

Pine Line

Petroleum Engineering Handbook 1

Petroleum Engineering Handbook 2

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering


Plant Engineering


Polymer Science & Engineering

Automation & Process Control

Pumping Station Design

Reservoir Engineering

Plant Engineering Handbook


Materials, Metallurgy & Mining Engineers References

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Mechanical Properties of Metals

Metallurgical Engineering Alloys

Metallurgy Principle


Powdered Metallurgy