This website contains English+ Myanmar Explanations of the tutoring lessons based on New South Wales  & Western Australian school curriculum subjects.

The aim to develop this site is to provide the tutoring support for the students in Myanmar Buddhist Schools and Voluntary Schools including NLD Education Network Schools to acquire the international standard school education.

Tutoring Lessons in Myanmar & English

Reference Text Books


By studying the contents of this site, the students will acquire the following benefits

      Reading+ Listening skills in English Language

      Acquire Australian School Education

      Use of IT Skills in E- Learning

      Self learning practice

The lessons can be learnt by two ways

      Viewing the power-point lessons by using computer

      Viewing the JPEG image files and listening MP3 Audio files by using Portable DVD Players which are donated to Myanmar Buddhist Schools & Voluntary Schools

The students need to

      View the Lessons

      Copy the lessons

      Listen to both Myanmar & English Explanations of the lessons

      Do the exercises and submit the assignments

      Sit the examinations

The facilitators/ co-ordinators need to

      Download the lessons & unzip them

      Show the students which folders are to be studied on weekly basis by using computer or Portable DVD Player

      Supervise the students in their learning