The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar

The Institution of Professional Executives Myanmar


Accredited and affiliated partner institutions


1.     IQY Technical College

2.     STC Technological University

3.     St Clements Institute and St Clements University Myanmar College

4.     St Clements University Higher Education School Niue

5.     Highlight Computer Group Computer Training

6.     SCPU School of Engineering Switzerland

7.     SCPU Business School Switzerland

8.     St Clements University (T &C)

9.     St Clements University Somalia

10.St Clements University College Liberia

11.Myanmar Society of Engineering Educators (MSEE)

12.The Institute of Professional Educators Myanmar

13.Myanmar Vocational Training Collaboration

14.IQY Technical and Vocational Training

15.Pyay Technical Institute

16.IQY Degree College

17.IPEMTU Degree College

18.IQY Technical University-Turkey

19.Myanmar Institute of Law Education

20.Phoe Phyu School of Law

21.The Institution of Professional Engineers Myanmar Technological University  (IPEM Technological University)