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ED 101 Theory of (23.67MB)

ED 102 Education (11.2MB)

ED 103 Teaching (141.12MB)

ED 104 Lesson (19.48MB)

ED 105 Principle of (44.1MB)

ED 106 Interpreting (2.27MB)

ED 107 Teaching & (306.62MB)

ED 201 Class Room Mgt & (10.07MB)

ED 202 Curriculum & (117.76MB)

ED 203 -4.Learning+Facilitation+Teaching in (13.49MB)

ED 204-10.Workbased Learning & Assessment (21.14MB)


ED 205-8.Guides for preparing teaching & training (0.29MB)


ED 205 Teaching & (183.16MB)


ED 206 Designing Instructions & (165.42MB)

ED 208 Inclusive (5.39MB)

ED 301 Educational (15.38MB)

ED 304 Maths (22.62MB)

ED 305 Science (30.29MB)


ED 306 Technology (18.06MB)

ED 308 Computer Supported Learning & Distance (53.69MB)

ED309 Educational Communication Assignment (7.43MB)

ED309 Educational Communication Assignment Tasks-806A (0.22MB)

ED 310 Learning (459.98MB)


ED311 Outcome Based Education (4.82MB)


ED312 Technology in Class Room (159.81MB)

ED313 Computer Supported Learning II (4.57MB)


ED 401 Adult Learning (231.99MB)

ED 402 Educational (18.45MB)

ED 404 Educational (11.08MB)


ED 405 Training (29.85MB)

ED 407 Learning (54.18MB)

ED 408 Rules Regulations & (7.84MB)

ED 409 Outcome Based (0.88MB)

ED411+412+413 General (28.41MB)


ED411Engineering Education (24.41MB)


ED412 Engineering Education (15.21MB)

ED413 Part3 Strategic Planning in Engg (11.5MB)

ED413 Par1 (9.97MB)

ED413 Part2 New pedagogy , Industrial co-operation & Lifelong (11.8MB),_Industrial_co-operation_&

ED413 Engg Pedagogies (22.36MB)