I would like to know that online teaching will be effected to students or not,


In our online program, all students will have to download the lessons or copy from our representative.


Effectiveness does not depend on whether you attend the class personally or you learn  the lessons online.


It depends on what you really study, absorb, reflect and apply it.


Today more and more universities with high academic reputations are using online learning & blended learning systems. The lecturers spend merely 1 hours per week lecture class and the students will have to download their lectures/ powerpoints and slides from online.


Spoon feeding system in which the teachers feed every things to the students is just enough for course completion but in real workplace, there will be very few employers who want to provide every need of employees. They pay the salaries so the employees will need to do themselves in the jobs .


Our online learning system is not only to enable the students to complete the course but also to provide the self study / self learning/ self time setting practice to the students to depend themselves in their future workplaces.


 How we can analysis to the lessons, 


In our program, the lessons are provided in both English & Myanmar explanations & in power point or JPG+MP3. So it is easy to follow them.


The exercises assignments are based on lecture slides.



What the class times are, 


It is flexible & you can study at your place at anytime No need to spend a specific time for online class because we are not running the real time sessions such as webinars etc . Because busy working people need the flexibility in their studies.


Which kinds of diploma will be approved for our accomplishment-


You can start to enrol Diploma in Management/ Engineering & Information Technology  then Advanced Diploma in Management/ Engineering & Information Technology  Management then professional diploma+ Bachelor of Business Management/ Engineering & Information Technology



Please show me some example,and I was also thinking about that the online diploma will be accepted on which applying  schools or jobs.


On the diploma, there is no mention about online or personal attendance, the academic transcript shows what units you complete.


Today, the employers want to have the candidates who can actually do the jobs. They want to pay the salaries to the skills of the employees not the certificate.


The more important thing is writing of your CV. If you can put the facts which are related to the skills needed by the employer, it will be the better chance for you to get the interview.


If you got the qualifications from a well recognized university or college, it will be enough for you to get the interview but the success in interview will depend on your real skills.


Our programs are affiliated to The Institute of Professional Business & Technical Managers-UK & International Institute of Science Engineering & Management and Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists.



Our programs are not only focussed on academic but also focussed in the following job skills & competencies




Information Technology




Regarding, applying  school, IQY Technical College  provide Year 9 to Professional Diploma level & our affiliated St Clements Technological University provides the Masters degrees.


As our organizations are providing the Job Competencies, we do not link & intend to link with any other academically focussed institutions


And also, Is there any limit or requirement to apply the courses because I am more prefer to apply in professional diploma .


As I mentioned before, Diploma is open for all students whether they pay the fees or not but for Advanced Diploma to Professional Diploma, the students must be


(1) Fees paying




(2) Recommended by Voluntary school




(3) Recommended by employers


Only a small amount of fees is payable to our representative in Yangon to copy the electronic lessons into your USB if you are a scholarship student.


Are IQY Technical College & St Clements University recognized institutions?


Please see the followings on our main webpage.


IQY Technical College of Highlight Computer Group (Myanmar) is an authorized training centre of Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists for ASEAN Engineer, ASEAN Engineering Technologist and ASEAN Engineering Technician Registration.

IQY Technical College of Highlight Computer Group is affiliated to St Clements Technological University, International Institute of Science, Engineering & Management & The Institute of Professional Business & Technical Managers.


There are many Government Education Departments/ Educational Authorities/ Universities & Accreditation Organizations on the world which set ups the guidelines on what qualifications are to be recognized or not.


Practically, Getting job and income is paramount requirement for most people. So the meaning of recognition is getting the jobs based on qualifications.  After having spent US$ 6000 to 10000 , the student can get a diploma from a recognized college from an industrialized country. Having spent US$ 100,000, the student can get a bachelors degree.


But today, having spent a lot of money, the numbers of the graduates who can get the jobs in their professions after completion of their courses are much lower than the numbers of  graduates who do not get the jobs in their professions and do any kinds of jobs OR return back to their home countries after having exhausted the efforts to get the jobs and permanent residency.


In the latter case, the meaning of recognition is to be questioned. Recognition means the kind of certificate or getting the jobs?. If the graduate who got the recognized qualification from a particular country & can not get the job in that country, how can such qualification be trusted that it can be sufficient to get the job in the other parts of the world & is it the right value of return on investment in education?


IQY Technical College's aims & objectives are to provide the international class education in line with the following work competencies & break high fees which is the barrier between learners and education. The meaning of recognition should not be stand alone, it should link to the right value of return on investment in education for the average working class people.


We also have the well connected employers network  in Myanmar & we also set up the following recognition guidelines