Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Practical Courses for  AGTI/BTech/BE students of Government Technical Colleges & Technological Universities

If you find the question in Myanmar language, the lessons in Myanmar language for that question is also provided.


PC 1-Certificate in Bricklaying & Masonry


PC 2-Certificate in Plumbing


PC 3-Certificate in Building Construction


PC 4-Certificate in Gutter Construction


PC 5-Certificate in Fitting & Machining


PC 6-Certificate in Welding


PC 7-Certificate in Engine Operation & Basic Servicing


PC 8-Certificate in Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Basic Servicing


PC 9-Certificate in Electrical Wiring


PC 10-Certificate in Electrical Machine Winding


PC 11-Certificate in Electrical Power Wiring & Switch Gear Installation


(PC15/H102) Certificate in Basic Electronics & Telecommunication


PC16 Certificate in Rigging & Scaffolding


PC Practical Course (Level 2 for Engineering Technicians)


PC 12-Certificate in Surveying. Quantity Surveying & Estimating


PC 13-Certificate in Manufacturing Process Control & CNC


PC 14-Certificate in Building Energy Efficiency