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CE 106A Detailed Construction & Building Construction Materials



CE106 Bricklaying (Audio + Power Points)



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You will have to supervise the bricklaying for a brick house of 40ft x 60ft ( 13m x 20 m) wide.

Prepare a plan to do the jobs in the followings

         Prepare the list of needed materials and hand tool

         Write the report to explain how will you set up the brick laying tasks & insert the relevant sketches ( You can refer the text-books.)

         Your plan should includes

1.      Types of joints

2.      The plan to lay the bricks on footings

3.      Stepped footings

4.      Excavating & building to the lines

5.      Installing the damp proof courses

6.      Spacing of wall ties

7.      Building in metal frame windows

8.      Relevant sketches and diagrams

9.      The report should be 10 to 20 pages


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Bricklaying Operation

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Building Construction



Part 3 Practical

Civil Engineering

Brick Laying.mp4 (50.88MB)

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Concrete stair building.mp4 (16.16MB)

Concrete stair building 2.mp4 (84.41MB)


Concrete stair building 3.mp4 (39.05MB)

Stone veneer column building.mp4 (25.64MB)



Perform the bricklaying assignment instructed by teacher