GE28 Hydraulics

Part 1 Lesson


ME201 Part 1

ME201 Part 2

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ME201 Part 3


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Study the notes in ME201 Part 1 folder and do the following exercises.

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Q1.Describe the nature of fluid.

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Q2. Write continuum equation of fluid.

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Q3.What are the properties of fluids

Q4. What is density?

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Q5.What is viscosity?

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Q6.Write the equation for viscosity.

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Q7.Explain surface tension & write the equation.

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Q8.What is compressibility?

Slide 13.

Q9. Outline the broad classification of fluid mechanic.

Slide 14.

Q10.Explain fluid statistics.

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Q11.Write the equation for pressure.

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Q12.Show pressure variation in the direction of gravity.

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Q13.Define the followings.

(a)  Pressure (b) Head

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Q14.Explain measurement of pressure.



Wk 3-ME 204 Engineering Fluid Mechanics


ME 301 Fluid Dynamics ( Needs to do)

Study ME 301 folder & do the exercises



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Q1. What kind of forces are acting on fluid particles?

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Q2.Write the equation for compressible flow.

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Q3. Express Navier Stokes equation and energy equation.

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Q4.Write the equation for dissipation function.

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Q5. Write the equation for incompressible flow.

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Q6.Explain turbulent flow with diagram and express the graphs for instantaneous and average velocities.

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Q7.Explain inviscid flow

Slide 10.

Q8.Explain boundary layer

Part 2 Reference



Fluid Dynamic

Flow Measurement Engineering

Fluid Machinery & fluid Mechanic

Fluid Mechanics + Hydraulic Problems

Fluid Mechanics Fundamental Applications

Fluid Mechanics-

Hydraulic Power System Design


Part 3 Practical

Oil pump.mp4 (15.13MB)

Oil pump 1.mp4 (42.18MB)

hydraulic pump assembly.mp4 (80.69MB)

Compressor 1.mp4 (71.09MB)


Compressor 2.mp4 (6.76MB)