GE27 Machine Principle

Part 1 Lesson


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ME 104 Machine Principle

Study the notes ME 104 Folder and do the following exercises.

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Q1. Explain (a) Driving machine (b) Transmission machine

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Q2.Explain driven machine

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Q3. What is adjustable mounting?

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Q4. Describe the principle of balancing.

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Q5.Describe static balancing

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Q6. Describe dynamic balancing.

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Q7.What are the basic purposes of lubrication.

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Q8. Explain the selection of lubricants.

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Q9 Write the lubricant application process.

Slide 13.

Q10. Describe splash lubrication.

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Q11. What are the characteristics and properties of lubricants?

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Q12. Describe plain bearing.


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Q13. Explain journal bearing.

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Q14.Explain thrust bearing.

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Q15. Explain linear bearing.

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Q16 Explain ball bearing.

Q17. What is fretting?

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Q18.Describe V belt drive

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Q19. Explain chain drive

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Q20. Describe gear drive.

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Q30 Explain shaft coupling.

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Q31. Explain clutches and method of alignment.

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Q32.Explain O ring.

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Q33.Describe the methods of monitoring the machine conditions.

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Q34. What is meant by trouble shooting?

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Q35.What are the housekeeping procedures in machine repair & maintenance?

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Part 3 Practical

Engine+ Machineries

Steering.mp4 (5.08MB)


Steering 2.mp4 (5.54MB)


Steering 3.mp4 (1.52MB)

Steering 4.mp4 (109.62MB)

Pump assembly .mp4 (9.39MB)


Power steering.mp4 (16.56MB)

Power steering1a.mp4 (23.39MB)

Power steering 2.mp4 (16.95MB)


Power steering 3.mp4 (56.76MB)

Oil pump.mp4 (15.13MB)

Oil pump 1.mp4 (42.18MB)

hydraulic pump assembly.mp4 (80.69MB)

Ignition 1.mp4 (25.73MB)

Gear box+Clutch 1.mp4 (35.23MB)


Gear box+Clutch 2.mp4 (38.58MB)