GE24 Manufacturing Management

Part 1 Lessons

ME 205 Manufacturing Processes & Materials

Study ME 205 folder /CGVE 401 Folder 1 to 24 and do the following exercises.

ME205 Part 1

ME205 Part 2


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Q1.What are non conventional manufacturing processes?

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Q2. Explain the followings.

(a)    Chemical machining (b) Electro-chemical machining (c) electro-chemical grinding

(d)Electrical discharge machining (e) Wire electrical discharge machining (f) Laser beam machining (g) water jet machining (h) Abrasive jet machining

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Q3.Explain (a) Process efficiency comparison (b) Tool wear (c) Personnel skills

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Q4.What are significant factors causing tool wears?

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Q5.Sketch conventional lathe knife & label the components.

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Q6.Write Taylorís relation equation.

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Q7.Write the formula to predict tool wear.

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Q8.What are the factors that influence the useful life of tools.

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Q9.Explain monitoring the condition of tools.

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Q10.Explain acceptance sampling.

Part 2 References

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