GE13 Principle of Engine

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ME 108 Principle of Engines

 Principle of Engines

ME102 Part 1

ME102 Part 2

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Then  do the following exercise


Study the notes in the YOC-ME102 folder & do the following exercises


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Q1.What is thermodynamics system?

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Q2.Explain the followings

(a) Property (b) Pressure (c) temperature (c) Internal Energy


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Q3.Explain the followings

(a) Phase (b) Mixed phase (c) Saturated state (d) Superheated vapour


Slide 5

Q4.Describe the followings

(a) Adiabatic (b)Isothermal (c)Isobaric (d) Isochoric (d) Isentropic (e)Isenthalpic


Slide 6+7

Q5. Write the equation for ideal gas.


Slide 8

Q6.Write the gas equation.


Slide 9

Q7.Write the equation for (a) Constant volume (b) Constant pressure (c) Constant temperature.


Slide 10

Q8.Sketch the Pressure –Volume graphs for

(a) Adiabatic (b)Isothermal (c)Isobaric (d) Isochoric (d) Isentropic (e)Isenthalpic


Slide 11

Q9.Express Van der Waals gas equation of state for gas


Slide 12

Q10.Sketch temperature-enthalpy diagram for Ice, water, Water+ vapour , Vapour


Slide 14.

Q11.Write the equations to calculate steam properties in the mixed region.


Slide 15.

Q12. Write the heat, volume, density of steam equations.


Slide 16

Q13.Self ignition would occur in the engine using certain brand of petrol of the temperature due to compression reached 350 degree C. Calculate the highest ratio of compression that may be used to avoid pre-ignition if the law of compression is.


Slide 18

Q14. Calculate the density of Ethane at 171 bar and 458 deg K , assume for Ethane

Te = 305K Pe= 48.80 bar R = 319.3 J / Kg K assuming it behaves as a perfect gas.



Slide 21

Q16. Determine the pressure of water vapour at 300 Deg C , if it’s specific volume is 0.2579 m3/ kg using the following methods.

(a) Ideal gas equation (b) Van der Waals equation.



Month – 6 (Week 3+4)


Review  the notes in ME 103 Folder


If you have already done EE204, the point will be given automatically

Month – 7(Week 1+2)

Study  ME 108  Powerpoints

ME108 Lessons

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Then  do the following exercise


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Q1. What is internal combustion engine?


Slide 3 to 7

Q2. Explain engine heat transfer.


Slide 8+9

Q3.Explain cylinder heat flux, temperature relation


Slide 10 to 13

Q4.Write gas velocity equation.


Slide 14 to 18

Q5. Write overall heat transfer equation.


Slide 19 to 21

Q6. Explain coolant


Slide 22+23

Q7. Explain the combustion process inside engine.


Slide 25.

Q8. Sketch the strokes of engine.


Slide 28

Q9 Explain thermostat.


Slide 31 +32

Q10. Explain four phases of combustion.


Slide 33

Q11. Describe product of combustion.


Slide 34

Q12. Sketch engine ignition circuit.


Slide 40 to 43

Q13. Explain the followings

(a) Vane pump (b) Diaphragm pump



Slide 44 to 49

Q14. Sketch the followings

(b) Fuel filter (b) Injector


Slide 50

Q15. Explain nozzle


Slide 52

Q16. Copy the diagram on this slide.


Slide 56

Q17. How the engine is stopped?


Slide 57+58

Q18. Explain governor.


Slide 59.

Q19.Explain unit injector system.


Slide 60

Q20. Explain injector operation

ME 102 Engineering-thermodynamics

ME 107 Heat Transfer


ME 203 Control Engineering

ME 206 Introduction to Turbo Machinery


Dip AE Text Books


Course Lessons

AE 101 Auto Diesel+ Auto Electrics


AE 102 Auto General Engine+ Fuel System+ Transmission


AE 103 Engine Assembly +Electrical +Electronics


AE 104 Brake & Steering System


AE 105B Auto Body Repair



Reference Text Books

AE 101 Auto Diesel+ Auto Electrics Part 2-Automotive Mechatronics


AE 103 Engine Assembly +Electrical +Electronics-Automotive Engineering


AE 105B-Fabrication


AE 105 Automotive Mechanics


AE 102 Auto General Engine+ Fuel System+ Transmission-Automotive Engines


Part 3 Practical


 Engine Operation & Basic Servicing



Engine Operation

Engine Assembly

Engine Operation+ Maintenance+ Servicing

Gear Box

Hydraulic pump



Power  Steering








Oil Pump


Pump assembly





Engine Operation

Engine Operation.mp4 (2.48MB)

Ignition 1.mp4 (25.73MB)

Engine 1.mp4 (2.62MB)


Engine 3.mp4 (53.26MB)


Engine 4.mp4 (80.73MB)


Engine 5.mp4 (25.59MB)


Steering.mp4 (5.08MB)


Steering 2.mp4 (5.54MB)


Steering 3.mp4 (1.52MB)

Steering 4.mp4 (109.62MB)


Power steering.mp4 (16.56MB)

Power steering1a.mp4 (23.39MB)

Power steering 2.mp4 (16.95MB)


Power steering 3.mp4 (56.76MB)

Engine Pumps

Pump assembly .mp4 (9.39MB)

Oil pump.mp4 (15.13MB)

Oil pump 1.mp4 (42.18MB)

hydraulic pump assembly.mp4 (80.69MB)


Pump operation.mp4 (12.12MB)

Gear box+Clutch

Gear box+Clutch 1.mp4 (35.23MB)


Gear box+Clutch 2.mp4 (38.58MB)

Engine Maintenance & Assembly

Engine maintenance-Oil changing.mp4 (23.83MB)

Engine maintenance -Servicing.mp4 (34.51MB)

Engine Assembly.mp4 (29.96MB)

Engine Assembly 2.mp4 (25.97MB)


Engine assembly 3.mp4 (67.54MB)


Engine Assembly 4.mp4 (124.07MB)


Compressor 1.mp4 (71.09MB)


Compressor 2.mp4 (6.76MB)