Business Management Curriculum

YEAR (1)

Diploma of Management( 30 points)

Each 4 Points

Mgt 101 Management

Mgt 102 Performance Management

Mgt 103 Operation Management


Mgt 104 Project Management

Mgt 105 Quality Management

Mgt 106 Financial Management


Mgt 107Industrial Risk & Safety

†††††††††††††† Assessment


Mgt 108 Computer Application in

†††††††††††††† Management( 2 points)


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YEAR (2)

Option (1)

Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Management

( 30 points)

Master of Management (Qualified 1) Course for Business/ Accounting Degree Holders

Study the following units

Each 4 Points

ICT 103Applied Programming

ICT 105†† Systems Analysis and Programs




ICT 106†† Software Engineering



ICT 202††† Information SystemsPrinciples andNetworking


ICT 203†††† Information Systems, Analysis and Design


ICT 204†††† Advanced Programming


Mgt501††† Communication Skills & Management Leadership


ICT 104†††† Program Projects ( 2 Points)




Option (2)

Advanced Diploma of Management

( 30 points)

Master of Management (Qualified 1) Course for Business/ Accounting Degree Holders

Study the following units

Compulsory Units†† (Each 3 Points)

Mgt 201 Customer Service Management

Mgt 202 Change Management

Mgt 203 Inventory & Budget Management

Mgt 204 Continuous Improvement Management

Mgt 208 Safety Management

Mgt 209 Risk Management

Mgt 210 Professional Development Management

Mgt 211 Leadership

Optional Units (Do any 2 units) (Each 3 Points)

Mgt 207 Business Letter Writing

Mgt 205 Office Management

Mgt 212 Preparing Portfolios

Mgt 213 Conflict Management

Mgt 206 Work-based Training Management

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YEAR (3)

Bachelor of Business (E-Business & Management)

Master of Management (Qualified 2) Course for Business/ Accounting Degree Holders

(60 Points)

The learning system will be based on self study. Read the given references study materials and prepare the project work. You need to read the books in English.


The following units common to MBA course are to be studied.(Each 5 Points)

Mgt 301†††† Electronics Business

Mgt 302†††† Information Security

Mgt 303†††† Management Information System

Mgt 304†††† Electronics Commerce

Mgt 305†††† Quantitative Methods for Management

Mgt 306†††† Human Resources Management

Mgt 307†††† Marketing Management

Mgt 308†††† Artificial Intelligence


To assess ,you need to write the report of10 pages each on what you have learnt in the unit.








YEAR (4)

Pathway 1- Diploma in Management +Q1/Q2 Stream

(Each 10 Points)

Mgt 401 †††Management Project

Mgt 402††† Electronics Business Project


For Master of Management (Thesis) (120 points after Bachelor degree), the candidates will need to write the thesis

Res 601 Research Methods (Non award unit)


Mgt 604 Masters of Management Thesis (120 points)

Pathway 2- Direct entry for IQY Professional Diploma in Management Qualifications Holders

Master of Management

(Course Work)

120 Points after Bachelors Degree


Total Points= 120 Points (Bachelors degree)+120 Points (Masters degree studies)

This program has been developed to fulfil the needs for those who are seeking a degree at the masterís level and whom wish to specialize in a particular field of endeavour not usually available as a study option.

The main scope of this program is to emphasize the usual administrative aspects of management at the appropriate masterís degree level. The Master of Management is today a professional degree and one of the most popular degree programs in the managerial or administrative fields of endeavour.

Our program has been designed to focus on major study areas of management and administration. The core courses forming the basis of the degree program equips the student with the usual fundamental aspects of management and administration applicable to the masterís degree level.

The Graduate Diploma course section is common to all the majors and students must continue a masters study after completion of Graduate Diploma.


Graduate Diploma in Management( 8 units) (Each 10 Points)

Mgt 501 Organizational Change Management

Mgt 502 Strategic Plans Development & Implementation

Mgt 503 Leadership in Organization

Mgt 504 Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Mgt 505 Risk Management

Mgt 506 Knowledge & Information Management

Mgt 507 Human Resources Management & Strategic Planning

Mgt 508 Employee Relations Management


MasterOfManagement( 5 units)

All Graduate Diploma Subjects PLUS

Mgt 601 Logistics Management

Mgt 602 Project Management

Mgt 603 Financial Management


Res 601 Research Methods (Non award unit)

Mgt 606 Masters of Management Project